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Stop Staring at a Blank Screen.

Learn how Ben’s proven process has helped organizations and executives finally get that book written and use it to advance their brand, marketing, development, and engagement initiatives.

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Books Are the Foundation of a Content Ecosystem

Books are the most widely accepted medium available to collect, organize, and share ideas. You don’t have to explain how to use them. And you never have to search for a plug, update an operating system, or connect to a Wi-Fi network.


Once your book is complete, Ben can turn it into blog posts, email marketing, social media content, speeches, presentations, case studies, scripts, podcasts, and a variety of other content forms, so you can build your platform of influence. The effort to create a book is fully maximized when you see it as the foundation to gaining attention and building an engaged tribe of followers and fans.

The Bookshelf

The books below represent a variety of projects but certainly not all of them. Some contracts prohibit Ben from disclosing his involvement. (And his attorney thinks it would be a good idea to honor those requests.)

One Phone Call Could Be the Only Thing Standing Between Your Book And Your Dream to Achieve More.

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Why Ben?

You Need a Collaborator


Turn your ideas into dollars without the fear of staring at a blank screen.


Ben can take your notes, notions, and outlines and turn them into a book (and more) in less time than you think. He is used to working with executives and busy professionals and has a proven track-record of delivering a finished product on time, on budget, and on point.


Each project is different and should be treated as such.


He has successfully worked with publishers, agents, CEOs, executive directors, consultants, and pastors, to develop books and eBooks designed to meet the goals you have for the project.


Ben brings a proven process to get you from idea to done. And since he can write one thousand words per hour, Ben can help you meet your publishing deadline without having to dramatically disrupt your normal workflows.

Don’t Let a Blank Screen Keep You From Using Publishing as a Brand and Outreach Platform for Your Business or Cause.

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