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Why Ben?

You Need a Collaborator

Turn your ideas into dollars without the fear of staring at a blank screen.


Ben can take your notes, notions, and outlines and turn them into a book (and more) in less time than you think. He is used to working with executives and busy professionals and has a proven track-record of delivering a finished product on time, on budget, and on point.


Each project is different and should be treated as such.


He has successfully worked with publishers, agents, CEOs, executive directors, consultants, and pastors, to develop books and eBooks designed to meet the goals you have for the project.


Ben brings a proven process to get you from idea to done. And since he can write one thousand words per hour, Ben can help you meet your publishing deadline without having to dramatically disrupt your normal workflows.

Minimal Impact on Existing Workflows

Content is the sum total of our questions, obstacles, experiences, and perspectives. These insights often emerge in spontaneous moments of inspiration. But when harnessed through a system of predictable habits, they can move people to action.


Ben’s experience includes working with sales and development teams, executives, and consultants on a single project or ongoing basis. He can consistently and systematically fuel your content marketing and brand journalism engines with minimal interruption to your normal workflows.

“I have worked with Ben on several important book projects. As an author and writing collaborator, he has demonstrated his ability to communicate to a wide audience with clarity and purpose.”

Mark Sweeney | Publishing Consultant, Literary Agent

“Ben did a wonderful job on a difficult assignment, finishing the project in the short time given and delivering a professionally edited manuscript. I would certainly use him again in the future.”

Ryan Pazdur | Acquisitions Editor, Zondervan

“Ben has proven himself when it comes to writing. His strategic and problem-solving skills combined with writing competencies and creative gifts make working with him a welcome endeavor.”

Lil Copan | Senior Acquisitions Editor, Eerdmans

“Ben is an amazing writer, editor, and author. He is very detailed in his work, very creative and knowledgeable, but overall extremely reliable and trustworthy.”

Dawn Woods | Acquisitions Editor, Abingdon Press

You Won’t Have to Do This Alone

Ideas should disrupt, engage, and inspire people to connect, collaborate, and create change. Publishing manages the tension between your message and its delivery to ensure everyone receives your invitation to create a better tomorrow.


Ben Stroup combines the systematic nature of publishing with the revenue responsibilities of marketing to yield a content ecosystem that will work for you and accelerate your ability to achieve your growth targets.


Every author is unique, and every project is different. Whether you start with a manuscript, notes, or a blank page, Ben will walk you through the entire project. You won’t be just a number or assigned to some random editor in a cubicle. You’ll get his personal attention and proven skills.

Don’t Let a Blank Screen Keep You From Using Publishing as a Brand and Outreach Platform for Your Business or Cause.

Let's Talk